Since I have been away...

A few things happens since last September. Some lows, some highs.

I pretty much felt miserable with my running (read over-training) most of last summer and fall. That reflected in both the marathons I signed up in the latter part of the year. 

While Berlin (2h53) was not a complete bust, it was not stellar either. NYC was just a disaster waiting to happen. I knew I was not recovered from Berlin, still I pressed on with a fast start (and dreams of a sub-2:50). I saw my self walking most of the last 3-4 miles. Finish time of 3h02 was decent, but not up to the standard I was looking for. 

After a quick break from most things running related, I started the year with a new approach -- to emphasize quality over volume. And things seem to have turned around. 

Twice I have run the Mile at the Armory and now have a 5:24 PR (pretty good for me). My 5K now is 18:38. And, most satisfyingly, I now have a sub-1:20 half-marathon with my 1:18.22 effort at the NYC half. 

Target race is still 2 months away -- Edinburgh on May 22. Let's keep the ball rolling. 

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Robert James Reese said...

Those are some impressive times you've been putting up. As you say, "keep the ball rolling" and add a 2:4X:XX marathon to them in May.