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Wonderful run around Manhattan on Saturday morning with Robert, Helen and Sarah. 30s, sunny, maybe a tad windy, but just about the ideal conditions to attempt such a run. It also meant that for the first time ever I would run over 26 miles at one go -- making me, I guess, unofficially an ultra marathoner.

I was a bit worried about it and was ready to use my Metrocard in case I felt the need to use it -- a need that never came. It was not easy, but it did feel good. 4 hours and 33 miles later, the run was done and the body was sore. Maybe I do have an ultra in the future.

I took Sunday off, more out of laziness rather than soreness. Out of guilt, I ran this morning (usually day off) an easy, slow 6 miler to the park and tomorrow have my usual speedwork session with Robert in the morning.

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Robert James Reese said...

The marathon will seem short after that run!