Embracing the lack of motivation

The funny thing is that once I am actually running I am fine. I actually enjoy it. It is the idea of going out for a run that is the problem. Since Thursday I have gone for a run only once -- on Saturday for an 18-miler no less.

Instead of worrying about this lack of motivation and making plans for runs and workouts,I will just take it one day at a time and see how my mood is. This way I won't feel that guilty having skipped a workout.

I am going on vacation in late March and then not run at all during those 2 weeks. I hope that in mid-April my desire to run will have come back. I had planned earlier to sign up for a half-marathon just before the trip, but that is all but scratched. The only race in the calendar is a Coogan's 5K in two weeks which is a club's point race.

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