10K PR

It finally happened! I ran a 10K under 39 minutes. I have been trying to go under that barrier for over 2 years now and underachieved in every effort since.

Based on recent form and the McMillan predictor that I could run 35-36 minute race. But it still came as a total shock when I crossed the line at the Scotland Run on Sunday and saw 36:20 on my Garmin. It is a 3 minute PR and for such a short race it is huge.

I pretty much followed the same tactics that have been working for me on my other races as of late: go out fast and try to hold on to the pace. One of the main reasons, I think, that I am able to reach pace goal so quickly and  sustain it, is that I am  faithfully doing track work and tempo runs every week. It has really brought up my racing times up a notch.

Sunday also marked the first time I ran with my team's, Warren Street, singlet. It was also a club's point race and I finished just out of the top 5 of my team, so I was not able to score this time around. Hopefully next time.

Target race is still 5 weeks away. Friends will be running Boston in 10 days and I am eager to find out how they do. And if I am able to emulate their successes.

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Robert James Reese said...

Again, nice work! You set the bar high for Healthy Kidney...